Educational activities

During the 1st Summer Course on In Vitro Methods for Skin Sensitization, 2009, Utrecht, HUThe Institute for Life sciences & Chemistry is the largest Laboratory Educational Institiute of it's kind in the Netherlands. This creates fertile soil for smaller, customary educational activities for third-parties. In 2009 we organised our first summer course on skin sensitization methods in strong cooperation with the Integrated Project of the EU Sens-it-iv.

With eighteen participants and five lecturers from more than eight different nations, this course was a huge succes. Since than we organised several smaller work shops that served as dissemination activitities for methods developed by ourselves or in cooperation with our partners. Organizing technology transfer activities for ring trials and validation studies are also a possibility and we have experience organzing those types of activities.

Currently we offer internships to students from within our Insititute, but also from outside, as well as from abroad. We participate strongly in the minor program (15 EC) Food & Pharma and in other bachelor-level courses.

We are launching our first course in cooperation with the Beta-Faculty of Utrecht University (UU) in February, 2014. This course is unique and aims to combine bachelor students from the Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) with those from the UU. These student will work together on applied research projects, supervised by representatives from partnering companies, together with lecturers from both institutes. Participants will have the opportunity to work in our laboratory to perform their research and work shops will be organised on toppics like: ‘setting up my own business’, ‘protection of intellectual property’, ‘writing a business plan’.

Do you want to organise your own educational event with our help? Or do you have questions? Please contact us.