Ph.D. candidate Kartaram recieves scholarship from NWO

During the '2014 Lerarencongres' (Annual Conference for Teachers) on October 8th in Den Bosch, 29 teachers received a scholarship in support of their Ph.D project. The scholarship is granted by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and is a supportive funding instrument for organizations where teachers are performing, or are planning to perform, a Ph.D. project. With this grants, schools or institutes can finance replacement for teachers who are (too) busy with their academic promotion. The grant foresees in financing over a period of 4 years, for a maximum of 2 days a week.

One of the beneficiaries of the NWO Ph.D. grant is Drs Kartaram, who started her Ph.D. project in collaboration with INT last year. Kartaram is the principal investigator in our INT project DiAgRaMs, which is a RAAK-Pro project, funded by SIA (Foundation Innovation Alliance).

The aim of the DiAgRaMs project is to evaluate methods to assess changes in intestinal physiology during exercise. The project is currently focussed on the standardization of a bicycle ergometer test to evaluate the changes in gut physiology of people after moderate physical exercise. From previous research, it is known that moderate to severe exercise can cause changes in the reactivity of the gut immune system and in the permeability of the gut. The significance of this observation has been the subject of much research but is currently unclear. One of the research questions that is addressed in the current study is whether we can identify specific biomarkers, indicating clear changes in physiology of the gut after exercise. The first study with healthy volunteers has just started under the name GRINTA! Follow up studies will be addressing the question whether changes in gut physiology can be modulated by external factors such as food ingredients or supplements.

Our collaborators in this project are: Avans Hogeschool, Wageningen University & Research centre, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Hanze Hogeschool, Hogeschool Zuyd, Hycult biotech, Winclove, Friesland Campina, Nutricia Research, Stichting Huisartsen Laboratorium, Luminex, Merck, Westburg en Slim2