Research Group

The research group ‘Innovative Testing in Life Sciences and Chemistry’ started in 2008 with the appointment of two part-time professors: Dr. Raymond Pieters and Dr. Cyrille Krul. The group now consists of 20 people and has a strong collaboration with the Bachelor program of the Institute for Life Sciences & Chemistry of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Over the past years, the research of the group has focussed on the development, optimization and validation of non-animal methods to assess safety and efficacy of compounds. Current and past projects have been, and are being executed on regional, national and international levels. The research group has a large network within the Utrecht region and beyond, and collaborates strongly with Academia, SMEs, Industry and Research Institutions.

The members of the research group bring a large variety of expertise in Life Sciences and Chemistry techniques. With post-doctoral researchers, technicians, lecturers, PhD students, Bachelor students and secretary support, the group is well equipped to handle large projects and to take on complicated (applied) research questions. Although we focus on applicability of our endeavours, we do not turn a blind eye to fundamental research.

The laboratory of the research group is currently housed in the old eye hospital ‘Ooglijdersgasthuis’ in Utrecht. We will be moving our laboratory to the ‘Uithof’ end ofin the summer of 2015.